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Hi Liz,
You can call me SueinSyd – I’m just three hours north of you.
I’m in my 3rd week of the diet so I’m just new, but I have been trying to fix myself with previous diets – months off 72 foods IgG tests said to avoid, months off dairy, then gluten…. all the way to no additives.
Nothing was changing my fuzzy, drunk-feeling head and weird energy lapses. I run Marathons so it wasn’t as if I had chronic fatigue or anything but I sure felt awful. Actually running was the only thing I seemed to do well. All else was difficult.

Not to say three weeks has changed much but I feel that with all the candida diets out there this has to be the one that will give us the best chance of recovery. Other diets allow fruit, starches, grains, all sorts of things not allowed on this strict Able900 diet. Surely this diet offers the most aggressive approach in attacking the candida, along with taking it gently to protect our liver etc. and seems to have good reasons and research behind the things set down to do. And nice caring people to back us up.

So far my nose seems clearer and not sticky – it has plagued me with being blocked and sticky for years. And I’m watching for any other signs of difference.
My head is still woozy, but I had eye surgery 3 weeks ago and again on Tuesday, and still feel anesthetized, plus all the eye drops send me dizzy too. No way to tell if my head is any different until all this settles and my brain gets used to my new eyes!

I’ll be posting my updates and sticking with the programme, and will be interested to see how you go too.
All the best.