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I think the chitin inhibitors are more designed for fungal form of candida. From what I remember the fungal form of candida contains much more chitin than the yeast form of candida? So maybe you did not have fungal candida in your small intestine? Thats maybe why the lufenuron did not work for you as well. Its hard to say if the lufenuron or B. Laterosporous even reaches the colon. I think Lufenuron is a chitin inhibitor, whereas the B.Lat actually secretes direct chitinase. Seems like two slightly different animals. I did take 5 of the B. Lat capsules and definetly noticed it doing something to the Candida. Time will only tell if its a waste of $$ or not. I like the idea of supplements that interfere with chitin, because the chitin seems to give “fungal” candida its strong cell membrane and the strong defense to its chain formation.

Agree. Multi-step approach is needed for candida yeast+candida fungal form. Multi approach is needed for the small intestine and the colon because there are a lot of anti-fungals that do not make its way to the colon.