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I also still have mild sinus headaches throughout the day too. My ears went from having fluid in the ears and being sensitive to sound to the fluid finally draining but then I had like an earwax feeling in my ear (I know gross right? lol) but I knew it wasn’t earwax. Now that feeling is gone but I have an incredible itchiness. So it is some sort of progression. Whether it is in the right direction I don’t know. My vertigo seems better since the fluid drained out.

My main issue now is my throat. My throat feels really itchy and crappy and I still have that sensitivity to deep inhales. Sometimes during the day its gone but it’s always there when I wake up now. I remember you said you had that too.

I found something kind of scary today. I have an air exchanger that sucks air from outside and distributes it throughout my basement in my house. Well I also have a wooden wood bin right underneath the inlet pipe that is all rotten. I noticed black mold all around my siding and inlet pipe and there was actually mold inside of the inlet pipe that sucks air in. I immediately cleaned it and moved the win bin away from the house.

Now I’m wondering if that’s been the source of my problems.

I just keep hoping I find something that has been causing this and it fixes everything. I probably am just dreaming though lol