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shayfo;44416 wrote: Honestly, my throat still feels like shit. It was doing gradually better this week, and then I went to a friend’s going-away thing last night. Apparently drinking water and talking for three and a half hours is still beyond my capabilities :p I’ve had my voice back since Monday evening, more or less, but my throat has sort of hurt all week and been sensitive to deep inhales. It’s pretty sore this morning. Also, this slight thrush seems to be sticking around for now, which is a bummer.

Learning experiences, I suppose :p

that’s what I’ve had for months it sounds like. mine also is sensitive to deep inhales and what is initially stopped me from working out. I noticed it right when my stress began and am wondering if you ever considered it being globus sensation which is caused by anxiety. it feels like a lump in your throat and your throat being constricted. the anxiety causes all of your neck muscles to tighten up and it would explain also the tenderness om deep inhales. you are stretching those muscles therefore causing discomfort.

I’m wondering if it feels better when u wake up and worse as day goes on? cuz that’s an indication too.

sorry for poor grammar lol. on my phone.