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Candida Albicans wasn’t detected.

Abstract: It is known that lactic acid bacteria preparations suppress the intestinal putrefaction and improves defecation, and that lactulose acidifies the intestinal contents and stimulates the proliferationof lactic acid bacteria in the intestines and further inhibits the absorption of ammonia from the intestine, resulting in the decrease in the synthesis of urea in the liver. For this clinical study, 15 patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis were selected and were divided into two groups. They received orally either lactic acid bacteria preparations or lactulose earlier for 6 weeks, followed by administration of their combination for 6 weeks. We examined the effects of each administration on the changes in peripheral blood counts, blood chemistries, intestinal bacterial flora in a lower portion of the rectum and bowel habits. Administration of lactulose combined with lactic acid bacteria preparations following the intake of lactulose alone induced a significant decrease in the serum triglyceride levels and a significant increase in serum phosphate levels. However, administration of lactic acid bacteria preparations in combination with lactulose following the intake of lactic acid bacteria preparations alone induced no significant changes. Plasma levels of ammonia and glycohemoglobin remained unchanged. Administration of lactic acid bacteria preparation and lactulose and their combination induced the increase in the percentages of Streptococcus, Enterococcus and Staphylococcus groups in the lower portion of the rectum, whereas Candida albicans was not detected. The improvement of bowel habits was observed after administration of their combination rather than administration of lactic acid bacteria preparations and lactulose alone. These results suggest that the environmental changes of the intestine produced by administration of lactulose earlier than of the combination with lactic acid bacteria preparations are effective in changing blood chemistries, and that administration of their combination has advantages in improving the bowel habits.