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I’ve been on the diet now for almost four weeks (the strict diet). I skipped the cleanse that is suggested because I just couldn’t handle it! I had a couple of colonics which made a world of difference actually!

Have you added any items back in? Or tried any of the test foods yet?

However, I am now experiencing symptoms of having low blood sugar levels i.e. the shakes and weakness etc… If on the diet we are not consuming sugar or products that are broken down into a significant amount of sugar to help our bodies convert this to energy, where are we getting our energy from?

There must be a simple answer to this but for now, I remain puzzled! Please could somebody advise?

Carbs, fats, and sugar are all broken down into glucose eventually. Simple carbs and sugar get into the blood much faster. Complex carbs and fat get broken over more time. Part of the reason coconut oil is good for this diet, other than being antifungal and not feeding candida, is that it contains lots of good fats that your body breaks down into energy. Even the vegetables contain small amounts of sugar for energy. If you havent been eating much coconut oil, up your intake and see if it helps. Avocado is also a good source of energy. Just be careful and dont let these symptoms get worse.

Good luck,