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yes, Gaia is a brand name sold by WF. I’m taking their Oil of Oregano. I thought maybe it was too strong a dose, it’s a pill vs. the liquid. I had read on another forum that 8 drops of oregano oil liquid under the tounge was recommended daily. I’m sure the pill has more than 8, but the dosage on the bottle says 2x/day. So yesterday I cut it back to one pill, but still have the pain this morning. I’m not taking any other antifungals. I’m doing them one at a time, due to my allergies from leaky gut, I’m not sure which ones I will react to. I reacted bad to pao d’arco for ex. My Yeast Sensitivity test says my candida has the lowest inhibition to Caprylic Acid at about 33% inhibition, so I will try that next. Garlic (allergic to) is 50% inhibition, as is Undecylenic Acid (so I may get some SF722 per Raster’s advice), and also Berberine (which I hadn’t heard of). It has a high inhibition to Nystatin, Uva-Ursi and Plant Tannins, but low inhibition to Fluconazole (and other zole’s) but I don’t want to mess with those, rather do it naturally. No mention of Oregano but it seems to be working as I have been really tired at night. I can’t eat coconut, but hopefully the caprylic acid doesn’t have the coconut protein, as it seems it’s the protein (gluten, casein) that I’m allergic to. I usually do ok if there’s no protein in the product.

I’m thinking I will try d-mannose for the kidney pain per another forum. And also cut way back on oregano oil. I’m also taking molybdenum, 1/2 to 1 pill/day plus there’s a bit in the multivitamin (Dr. Weil brand), Boswellia Serrata but have stopped that, bentonite clay 3 – 4x week (1 dose), 175 – 200b probiotics.

thank you Able!