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Cmcanepa;31830 wrote: So I really eat a lot during the day. I’m not currently working and I joke that its a full time job just feeding myself. A typical day would be 2-3 eggs with veggies for breakfast with chicory root coffee, some coconut bread mid morning

From what I’ve read, I think you’re just not getting enough calories, and you’re right about eating more of the bread.
You could eat a slice of the coconut bread with your eggs for example, then another slice as a mid-morning snack.

lunch might be a giant salad sometimes with a bit of fish,

That’s not enough calories or fat for a meal. What are you putting on your salad? You could add coconut bread to this with some coconut or olive oil. Are you taking coconut oil by the teaspoon?

There is no reason not to eat the bread each time you have a meal or snack.