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I’d like to correct you on the stages of the diet:

stage 0: cleanse
stage 1: long strict diet
stage 2: when you feel good again and can handle more cheat items
stage 3: basically half candida diet and half regular person diet

Well, the reason we don’t allow dairy as in milks, cheeses, etc is that because they contain more lactose than a serving of greek yogurt. For instance, if you drank a whole bunch of milk throughout the day, this is a lot of lactose. If you drank one cup, it wouldn’t be that bad, but still it is a lot. Lactose converts to sugar basically. Cheese is avoided because of molds.

You cannot avoid sugar completely on the diet, it exists in almost all foods. 1g of sugar in a pound of coconut flour, 3g of sugar per head of lettuce, 4g of sugar per red onion, one cucumber contains 5g of sugar, one can of pumpkin contains 4g of sugar…there is no way to do a no sugar diet. This is a low sugar diet and not a high sugar diet. If you are concerned about sugar intake per day, limit yourself to about 25g of sugar (that is raster’s rule of thumb).

Why greek yogurt? It contains less sugar per serving than all other yogurts. Regular yogurts contain 17-25g of sugar per serving or so, and greek yogurt contains 7-11g of sugar or so. Which is better? Kefir, the longer it ferments, contains less sugar than the label states it does. If you make it at home and let it ferment an extra long time, it’ll contain less sugar.

If you didn’t eat either of these, you wouldn’t get extra probiotics. You would just be getting what your probiotic pill contains and this may only contain 3-14 strains.