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For Munoz, I too have been on a mission to learn how to make kefir and try it out. I was given some information which I will pass on to you for obtaining fresh kefir grains. There is a website called the Weston A. Price Foundation. The website is geared toward people concerned about eating good food from good farms. It’s got nothing to do with candida but the people there are really into kefir and really into “sharing” their grains. The webiste has a link where you can find individuals who live in your area (via your zip code) who are willing to share their kefir grains with you. I contacted a lovely woman in my area who gave me some however, I had a mishap and dropped the jar (talk about feeling stupid!) so I’m sans kefir. I confessed my error and she graciously offered to give me some more so I’m planning to hook up with her in a couple of weeks. Anyway, it’s a suggestion. Also, I got really into researching kefir online and their is a ton of information, videos on how to make it, all sorts of stuff you can read about it. It’s actually quite amazing to see the followers of kefir out there.

Hope this helps.