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M;40822 wrote: I’ve been making milk kefir from real kefir grains for about a week now, and have noticed that my kefir has a very pungent sweaty feet/old socks kind of smell. Is that normal? What is it supposed to smell like?

And how thick is kefir meant to be? If it’s relatively thick and lumpy like yoghurt after 24hrs of fermenting, does that mean I need to add more milk to the jar?

I did kefir for months and it only smelt like that the first batch, which I drank and it was incredibly sour and pungent. The rest of batches that went well smelt/tasted acid but pleasant, a bit like vomit but with an addictive nuance to it that vomit lacks (lol) Make sure the kefir doesnt have a yellowish colour on top, you might need to “purify” or rinse. Or maybe your kefir grains are still adapting.

If you do the kefir with raw goat milk its very liquid. If you do it with pasteurized goat milk its thicker but still not like yogurt. Finally, if you do it with pasteurized cow milk, its very thick, very lumpy and has one of the worst tastes I have ever experienced. It also smells worse.