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I haven’t. I just meant I have extremely restricted my diet. Do you know a list of foods or a unit of measurement of what food groups have the least sugar in?
As for now I am going with all guns blazing with this diet and in terms of completely eliminating sugar, i meant not having any ”motivational cheat moments” or making any bakery goods, no xylitol, no yoghurt and no pork.. All I am eating is duck, chicken, beef, beef (mince), lettuce, courgettes (zucchini)green peppers, cucumber, onions, garlic, Brussel sprouts, spinach and as a treat iced water!!!
I have leaky gut so 30% of the foods on the forums strict protocol I can’t eat anyway.

I just don’t get how drinking kefir is not going to set me back at such early stages. I think perhaps its not good to start it quite yet 2 weeks in and leave it for another 2-3 weeks, so I’m not so reactive to sugar fructose.