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Quality kefir grains are available, and they’re capable of producing a quality kefir.

“… the fact that it stems from yeasts doesn’t outweigh the benefits or is it just the grains that contain yeast?”

Correct, the fact that it contains yeast doesn’t outweigh the benefits. Plus not all yeast is capable of feeding Candida, brewer’s yeast for example. In addition, if it’s properly fermented it won’t contain sugars. The largest benefits are the loads of beneficial bacteria it contains as well as beneficial acids.

I prefer water kefir myself, but I doubt its quality is any better than others. You can also use cow milk, coconut milk, or goat’s milk. Milk kefir can be made into a kefir cheese by letting it sit a few days longer. I imagine the instructions can be found on the Internet for the cheese.

“… daily I’m having about 1/4 glass of kefir 3 times (I’m planning on slowly increasing this serving size), one acidophilus capsule and a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Is that alright for the probiotics for now? … am I on the right track and should I increase?”
You can use your own judgment as far as increasing the dosages. If you’re taking a product to combat the die-off symptoms, raising a dosage shouldn’t be a problem. Remind me of the count you’re taking with the probiotic, also the strains.

The best site I’ve found to purchase the grains is