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Hello, Katy.

The liquid form of Molybdenum contains quite a bit of Sodium Molybdate, so one drop should be sufficient to take care of most of the die-off symptoms.

As far as experiencing die-off as being a way to know that something positive is happening is concerned; once you return to the UK and purchase the Candidate and take it plus the molybdenum every day without fail, even though you continue to take the coconut oil and hopefully oil of oregano, you may not feel any die-off symptoms at all because of the effect of the molybdenum and Candidate. This by no means is a clue that “nothing is happening” as far as destroying the Candida is concerned. As long as you are taking the powerful antifungals, plus a higher dose of probiotics, you will continue to destroy the Candida bit by bit. Normally the only problems can appear when one strays rather drastically from the diet and begins to feed the infestation once again.