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Thank you for the info Able.

Yes, my dad initially followed the diet strictly and it helped a lot. Like he really lost a lot of fat around his tummy, and he didn’t feel at all fatigued anymore. But it didn’t help at all with his bowel movements.

Anyway the doctors don’t give much advice about what to do and he also got operated last year but it didn’t help So I was reading the post

Able –Leaky gut normally causes inflammation, for this you should build up the intestinal flora with soft fibers like rice bran, oat bran and inulin.

so he started having oatmeal 2 days ago. But apparently that hasn’t really helped him with the movements.

My question is that will getting rid of the Candida overgrowth help with the LGS too? He’s avoiding all the stuff on the list of things to avoid for LGS that were given in the same article.