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Thanks. I guess we will try to get some oat and rice bran then.

Well, our diet wasn’t too unhealthy. He used to eat oatmeal with milk for breakfast. Then chapattis (bread) made of wheat with either a bowl of pulses or vegetables cooked with spices. Same for dinner. Sometimes we would have rice or eggs. Not much meat but we did have loads of milk with some sweetened almond and spice mixture. Oh, and the vegetables etc were usually cooked with mustard oil or ghee. Occasionally, we had really sugary Indian sweets or some fried snacks. And lots of fruit, also yogurt.

I had the same more or less but sometimes I used to get really intense cravings for something sweet or for carbs like burgers.

I think in our case it wasn’t the diet so much. My dad had taken an extensive course of antibiotics when he was in college That’s when he started having sinus problems too. I probably took those too and plus I had mercury fillings which I got removed recently. About 4 months ago I thought I had gluten intolerance and tried to give up wheat. But it didn’t help too much and my cravings were worse than ever.

But we are really thankful for this site because we have never felt so good and so active.