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Katy Gillett
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OK well since we’ve spent a lot of time debating alkaline and acid environments and you’ve proved your case quite well I’m going to leave the aloe vera alone for now! I’ve no idea about the inflammation part though. And I’ll be doubling up on the yoghurt and coconut oil then. What about the capsule I told you I’m taking – should I double up on that too?

So you think those symptoms were caused by die off and Candida? Is that a good or a bad thing?

I slept for longer than I ever had yesterday and felt sooo bad when I woke up but I do feel much better today and I had quite a good sleep. I also think I’d been a bit hard on myself in the gym so I took a rest day yesterday and that helped. However I was on the treadmill today and it kept sending me running to the toilet! Lovely to know I’m sure but I suppose at least I’m getting rid of those toxins.

I am taking the molybdenum every morning in a glass of water and have been doing for a week or so. I do plan on getting the Candidate when I’m back in the UK too. So hopefully that will help. I’m thinking the climate change will help a lot too! You never get used to this humidity. At least I’ve got the sweating part of the detox down haha!

Glad your weekend was great! Thanks for the post as usual.