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johnny22 wrote: I think in our case it wasn’t the diet so much. My dad had taken an extensive course of antibiotics when he was in college That’s when he started having sinus problems too.

But we are really thankful for this site because we have never felt so good and so active.

Hello, Johnny.

Thank you for your comment about the site helping you, we very much appreciate you taking the time to tell us that.

I’m sure that the antibiotics played a large part in causing the Candida infestation, but also consider that literally millions of people around the world are taking antibiotics at any given time, sometimes for extended lengths of time, but not all of them contract Candida, so that’s an important fact to consider. And we can say the same thing about the millions who are walking around with mercury fillings in their teeth but without a Candida infestation.
I imagine that the oatmeal with milk, chapattis made of wheat, and “loads of milk” as you phrased it, eaten on a daily basis contributed to the infestation considerably as well.

Here in the US we consider soy beans as a type of pulse, but if you have these, I would avoid then as well as all soy products while on the diet.

Thanks again, Able