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Katy Gillett wrote: What about the capsule I told you I’m taking – should I double up on that too?

Hello, Katy.

I guess that quote is speaking of the Lactobacillus acidophilus, if so, you’ll of course continue to take it, but as far as doubling the amount, I don’t think you should double it at the same time as increasing the Greek yogurt and the coconut oil. The oil especially can cause die-off symptoms, and as you’ve already seen, so can the acidophilus. Considering the possibility of more die-off symptoms, I would wait for perhaps 10 days before increasing the acidophilus.
Concerning the die-off, what are the dosage instructions of the particular Molybdenum that you’re talking? If you don’t mind, send me the brand name and I will check it myself as you should probably increase it before you double the acidophilus.

As far as the Lactobacillus acidophilus is concerned; the fact that you experienced die-off when you started it presents an enhancement to the argument in favor of an acidic environment to treat Candida. The origin of this term is Greek, and the original meaning was, “acid-loving milk-bacterium.”
Notice the translation does not say, “alkaline loving” but the opposite. The term ‘acid loving’ is, of course, in reference to the fact that they produce an acid, which as you’ve seen by the die-off symptoms which it caused, kills Candida.

Quote: “So you think those symptoms were caused by die off and Candida? Is that a good or a bad thing?”
The fact that you’re experiencing die-off symptoms is good because it’s a clue to the fact that, even though you do not yet have all the ammunition you need, you are still killing the Candida. The only negative aspect of this is that you have to experience the symptoms at all. After I’ve seen the amount and instructions for the particular Molybdenum you’re using, we may be able to increase your dosage (regardless of the instructions). Plus, once you’re able to obtain the Candidate back in the UK, the symptoms will hopefully disappear altogether. By the way, the Candidate will work on more of an immediate basis than the Molybdenum does.

Enjoy your humid day as best you can.