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that’s what I thought too.. but not according to Cutler. I found this on the subject,

No, at least not chelation with DMSA, DMPS, and ALA.

EDTA removes good minerals. EDTA IV chelation is used when people have blockages in their arteries. The structure of EDTA is totally different from the 3 other chelators mentioned above. EDTA contains four carboxylic acid groups that are involved in surrounding and chelating, and these groups do surround and chelate good minerals.

DMSA, DMPS, and ALA chelate by a different mechanism – the 2 sulfhydryl or SH groups strongly attach to the heavy metals. They specifically attach to the heavier metals and don’t have the same affinity for the lighter, smaller metals, like the essential minerals that you are concerned about.

this isn’t a direct quote by Cutler, however, I heard him say the same thing in an Autism Awareness interview online.