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orka1998 wrote: What do kefir grains taste like? I thought about eating them but couldn’t make myself try it yet, I know I am being such a baby about it hahahaha. Occasionally I will feel a little rubbery grain in my mouth while drinking kefir as sometimes one or two would escape the straining process, but never could try them alone. I was not really able to taste anything different when I run into it in kefir.

How do you eat it? Do you mix it in some other food or what do you do?

I was a bit apprehensive after seeing the magnified images of the grains, but I took the plunge. They don’t really taste of anything, but the texture isn’t too bad. It’s like a chewy kind of jelly, which would probably be quite nice if it was flavoured and maybe sweetened with stevia. There are other suggestions on that Dom guy’s site.