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Hello Helpme,

There are a couple of topics I wanted to touch on. First off, you state you weren’t allergic to beans before the diet but are now. You are wondering why this has occurred?

The reason this has happened (in my opinion) is that you have killed candida which had roots throughout your intestines. When these roots are removed, what is left over is holes in your gut (aka leaky gut)…the candida was simply plugging up the holes in your intestines before but now they aren’t doing that.

Another possibility is that your organs are very much taxed fighting this sucker off, so because these organs aren’t functioning as well as a normal person, your body has to detox toxins via the skin (hence the rash).

In order to heal leaky gut, you have to take specific supplements that will heal it. There is a big list from a few weeks ago, but generally foods with FOS, L-glutamine, and anti-inflammatory supplements will do the trick. Cod liver oil is highly anti-inflammatory and will reduce inflammation within the body allowing itself to heal. Probiotics and prebiotics also heal leaky gut. I can find the post if you want.

Taking anti-allergy supplements also can reduce or eliminate allergies and a great one to look into is bioflavanoids (often included in vitamin C supplements). “Preliminary research indicates that flavonoids may modify allergens, viruses, and carcinogens, and so may be biological “response modifiers”. In vitro studies show that flavonoids also have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer,and anti-diarrheal activities.”

From my experience, once I went on the diet I reacted to a whole bunch of foods I did not react to before the diet. It was real strange to me because I knew what I was allergic to before starting the diet. After 11 months on my personal protocol I managed to heal my leaky gut and basically not have any allergies.