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Wow, in reading all of this..I am a little more confused. This is all new to me so bare with me as I am learning. For two plus yrs, i have been getting dizzy after eating foods..some worse than others. The Drs say..oh its from Meniere’s disease. I dont believe that. Dizzy SPELLS as in the room is spinning..yes that is menieres..but getting dizzy/lightheaded after eating foods isnt. thats my opinion anyway. also i have had food allergy tests done and they all came up negative..but yet when I stayed away from alot of preservatives, it seemed a little better. So for two yrs I have avoided corn products..of all kinds, HFCS as well. Still i have been dizzy and the past 4 months I have really been going down hill. i was eating alot of organic foods as well. BUT i craved sweets like crazy. had to have something chocolatey. i love chocolate but it was an all day thing it seemed. I stumbled across a post accidently in a food allergy forum and someone mentioned candida albicans. i thought what is i googled. and i was amazed of all the symptoms that fit. i have gone to 5 Drs..they cant find anything wrong with me. two i brought CA to them. one said it was rare and he doubted it and the other one told me i needed to see a shrink. LOL well thats when i was done with Drs and decided to take matters into my own hands. which has led me to here. i had already done a cleanse before i ever found this thinking i had some sort of toxins built up in me that eating was aggrevating it. I never lost any weight doing that. it was a slow cleansing. anyway, i have started the stage one diet as of this past Wednesday. and i have got to say, this is one of the hardest things i have ever had to do and ever heard of. i have heard of diets but this one is off the charts. anyway i started my stage one diet and i am 4 days into it and have already dropped 6 lbs. I am very weak although i have been eating..alot of eggs, some chicken and green beans and drinking tons of water. i am taking alot of vitamins and herbs. i have molybdenum, candidate, and almost every herb mentioned on this site. i was preparing for it all. but i am wondering if feeling so weak is normal. I is hard to walk across the room without being give out and out of breath? otherwise I am not so dizzy..mostly today not as dizzy. and chmicals make me dizzy also..all chemicals.
so should/would i have tested positive with food allergies if i have Candida? i am also confused on what i can and cant eat. Can I have Oats? Oat Bran? some sort of Oat Bran oatmeal? can i have xylitol? can i have carob powder or unsweetened chocolate? thinking this i been feeling is part of the die off..I am taking molydbenum, milk thistle, and vit c. it seems in the late evening is when i feel better. not great but good enough to walk across the room without being totally exhausted. I also read no caned goods. i had not ever seen that on any post or diet so that one surprised me. i have been eating canned organics. although i noticed there are 2 grams of sugar in them which i dont think thats much at all.
anyway, just trying to figure this all out but my most concern is my weakness.

PS all that so called unsweetened coconut and almond milk is like drinking milk of magnesia. it aint happening.. NASTY!! and i miss my milk.