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rljrdn wrote: Just looking at the stage two re-introductions I realize that corn, beets, peas, and some others aren’t supposed to be eaten in phase I. yet they are listed as ok on other candida diets. see my problem?

Yes, I see your problem, but in all honesty, everyone who has had Candida experienced the same problem when they were trying to start the diet, so you’re certainly not alone.

A good rule of thumb is: If a food is listed on even one diet as being a no-no, then don’t eat it. Assume that you should pay attention to the lists with the most foods shown as unfriendly, because the other lists were probably written by someone who didn’t know what they were talking about.
Personally I would leave corn, beets, and peas alone, even in stage two, and corn is something no one needs – ever.

Also, you can’t pay attention to a time frame such as, “stay on phase one for three weeks then go to phase two” for blah-blah weeks. In time you’ll learn to ignore any time frame. They’re all inaccurate because every Candida sufferer is different from the last, so nobody knows how long you will need to be in each stage. Does that not make more sense than the same time frame for everyone? This forum is full of posts by people who tried to start adding food just because some set of instructions told them to and ended up starting all over again.

You probably tested positive for all types of allergens because weakened adrenals often create allergic reactions to dozens of foods, etc. To explain why some people become allergic to so many different things:

During a Candida infestation a person can contract Leaky Gut Syndrome, plus the adrenals can become weakened. When this happens, allergies will often develop. So basically the allergies stem from poorly functioning adrenals. Not everyone with Candida has low adrenals and Leaky Gut, so this is why not everyone with Candida has the same allergies.
Once Candida reaches a fungal form and becomes an infestation it can lead to the Leaky Gut Syndrome. At that point, toxins, yeasts, bacteria, and partially dissolved proteins are allowed to enter the bloodstream via the intestinal walls. Once they’re in the bloodstream they usually trigger allergic reactions. Unfortunately, this can lead to further weakening the adrenals unless treated successfully.

Treating weakened adrenals on your own can be tricky, but not impossible, and a doctor can also threat this, but I wouldn’t mention ‘Candida’ to him unless he’s some sort of alternative doctor, because once you do, medical doctors do not take you seriously any longer.

Feeling ill, mild headaches, no appetite, bloating and constipation can certainly be symptoms of die-off. There are products which can greatly reduce the symptoms of die-off. Molybdenum and Candidate from Native Remedies are two of the best.

As far as the slip-up is concerned, I’d just continue on as you were and not add any new food for the time being.