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Thank you Arijana once again 🙂 You are so informative and have a lot of experience with candida.

Similar stuff happened with me, I actually had a regular cholesterol in past when I ate tons of eggs, meat and ate a lot in general…however there were times in past where I ate very little and yet I had high cholesterol…that happened this time as well…I ate little and almost even started some soft version of the diet prior to the blood test yet my cholesterol was high.

DZUKELA, hvala kolega! Veoma originalan username 😀
Naaah, we don’t need that section, lets show them that people from Balkan can speak EngRish 🙂

Today the pimples(acne? whatever is the proper name) on my forehead mysteriously disappeared!??!?! Is this possible??? I wasn’t paying attention yesterday (got to get used to looking at the mirror every day :D) but I’m pretty sure that day before yesterday I had 10-15 of them on my forehead and near the eyebrows!!! (I kind of started cleansing thing 2-3 days ago, I say kind of, because I still didn’t drink liver flush and am not following it 100% due to a lack of ingredients, but today I’m buying all the ingredients and starting seriously tomorrow).