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Just because you don’t agree with the marketing approach or the fact that they sponsor their own research (Doesn’t every drug company?) does not mean it is not a good product. My holistic doctor has been using Juice Plus in her practice successfully for many, many years and she does NOT sell it, nor do I. It is not just fruits and veggies, it is the juice from key fruits and veggies that has been freeze dried. It contains enzymes in it that fungal Candida does NOT like. It helps the gut restore normal flora. It helps the liver detoxify. My doc treates a very complex auto-immune condition that is not treatable by Western Doctors. Juice Plus has been key to my healing. My energy is amazing on this stuff. My recovery from exercies is rediculous. I used to get very sore after a ballet barre class the next day. Now, not at all. In Australia tons of althetes use this stuff for endurance and recovery. It is not a fractionated vitamin supplement. It is a powerful whole food. I used to have crazy oily skin for 30 years, and within one week of starting Juice Plus red and green (I don’t bother with the vinyard blend, as my doc does not recommend it) my oily skin is GONE. I am not saying this stuff is a magic pill, I am saying that like the research suggests, this stuff strengthens the immune system and helps the body detoxify so it can do all of its processes better! If people are not willing to try Juice Plus (really it is not more expensive than a cup of coffee per day or any of the other supplements you are probably taking) I think, wow! Your loss. It has been life changing for me. And the capsules do not contain any added sugar.