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bekred;57065 wrote: Raster, what is the difference between pharmaceutical probiotics and the probiotics recommended on the website and say something like Threelac? So would you recommend the pharmaceutical probiotics over the HMF neuro?

Also, Raster and/or Jorge, Do you think I am ok to do plain greek yogurt? I know Raster you have said you only do goats milk yogurt. The smell of goats milk makes me sick, so not sure I could handle that. The current yogurt I am using is from Whole Foods and has only 2 grams of sugar per serving, which is significantly less than all of the other brands I have looked at.

Thank you both so much!

The types of strains is the main difference and the potency. Pharmaceutical grade probiotics will contain high doses of specific bacteria that you likely can’t obtain at most health stores. Threelac is a very low count, low strain product (3 strains less than billion cfu per capsule). I would recommend getting 3 different probiotics that contain these 3 bacteria separetely if you wanted something in higher doseages. HMF neuro is the only human derived one which means that your body will recognize and utilize it easier (just my opinion in how it works well).

The main thing to worry about with yogurt is what animal it comes from. Goats a way better option than cows. I really like the flavor of my goat milk more personally, just sweeten with stevia!