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impossible;51665 wrote: The part that im interested is the tolerance of antigen, in both humoral and cell mediated immunity, but particularly cell mediated immunity.

Has the genetically influenced mechanism for allowance of overgrowth been found in cmc? What is it?

Im very intrigued.

Not that I am aware of. The humoral immune response doesn’t play a big role controlling mucosal candidiasis. It is more implicated defending us when the fungus reach serum.

Mucosal candidiasis is controlled by cell-mediated immunity. Many intracellular pathogens have the ability of manipulating cell-mediated immunity to avoid our defenses. It is documented candida albicans has different mechanisms to drive the immune system.

Chronic antigenemia is also documented by medicine. The immune system defends us against any intruder but, if the intruder ( the antigen ) is able to persist and even growth, overtime, the immune system stops attacking it. This is what is known as an immune paralysis caused by chronic antigenemia.