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impossible;51652 wrote: Have you ever seen any studies done that try to link crc with any particular genetic makeup/mutations? Could you provide me links to papers that discuss the cell mediated tolerance of candida. I would appreciate it.

In the case of CRC, No. However, CMC is associated to genetic issues and runs in families.

Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis is lot more severe than Candida Related Complex. It normally begins very early in life, and there are severe skin manifestations. This is a very serious illness and patient quality of life is very low. They need permanent antifungal drugs to keep the fungus under some control.

Candida Related Complex is more an Iatrogenic disease. It means triggered by antibiotics but where immune suppression also plays a big role. The immune suppression in the case of CRC is mostly ACQUIRED. I mean drove by the same fungus when it growths or caused by an additional problem that is polarizing the immune system in a chronic Th2 mode. I can think about mercury, viruses, severe toxicity, or any other issue. It may be a combination of some of them including the same yeast ability to maneuvers the immune response.

It is well demonstrated by medicine that antigens can paralyze the immune response over time. It depends the amount and the time they have been present. A chronic immune paralysis is sometimes the first thing to happen before several or a long antibiotic round may cause this syndrome.

The last defense, one time the immune system is paralyzed, is the antagonistic bacterial flora.
Antibiotics disrupt our last defense and the fungus growth out of control.