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Well prior to starting this topic I was undecided but having read the posts, I wont be throwing caution to the wind, as it were and feasting just like anyone else. Both my fiance and my mum agree with the posts and say its just not worth it. And they’re right.

I’ve made a list of the things I’m willing to eat although some of the items on there wont be 100% candida safe because where I am in the Uk, its very hard to get meat without any added ingredients. Certainly all prepackaged ready to eat chicken will have sugar, salt and starch as I found out after naively assuming they would be fine. Turkeys seem to be the same, especially being ready basted with butter, unless you pay way over the odds, which I cant do considering the turkey will be feeding 12 and I’ll only be having a small amount of it. Its very frustrating because if i was caught out at work or on a day out without any food, I always assumed I could go and buy a ready cooked prepacked chicken portion. But no.

I wonder how many people realise the crap that is pumped into our meat. Is it like this in other countries?

There are also hot fresh cooked whole chickens on hot food counters that you can buy in supermarkets here and I’ve had a few of them. I doubt that there’s no added ingredients in them too but i’ve had little reaction and no one can tell me if they do or not. Certainly at the shops (or at Sainsburys at least) the chickens arrive raw and they dont have to add anything but they dont know if they add stuff before they get to the shops.

The list of food i’m willing to eat are:
Turkey (yes, basted etc)
Perhaps a very small amount of ham or bacon
Swede mash
Green beans
Plus stuffing I plan to make using this recipe that I found.

Sage and onion stuffing
100g (4oz) millet
450ml (3/4 pint) stock
1 onion, chopped
25g (1oz) margarine, melted
2 level tsps dried sage
2 tsp sesame seeds
salt and freshly ground black pepper