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I just want to state that if you do cheat for one meal, it likely will only set you back 1-3 days or so or more depending on how constipated you get. If you get “sick” from the meal, then you could be set back 1-2 weeks (this happens if constipated).

If you support your liver, chew your food, take the nox vomica, and drink lots of water and take your supplements, you should be completely ok.

After 6 months on the diet I cheated for a week straight (once a day) when I went on vacation and this barely set me back at all.

At the 1 year mark I went on my honeymoon and cheated every single day every single meal and was only set back about 2 (+/-) weeks while on a 7 day vacation.

Hope this gives you a good general timeline to expect.

I cheat about once a month now and I only get a little constipated for about 2-3 days and then I’m good to go. I went and saw the hobbit movie and ate at the theatre (luxurious movie theatre) and got a hamburger and fries. No reaction and I don’t feel worse, just constipated. Sorta had to eat there, no other option!

The main thing to worry about is the food reactions from my perspective and don’t cheat on those foods too much (in other words don’t overdo desert, dairy, etc.)