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I think I would definitely visit the naturopath who replied to your questions, Jo. She at least ‘sounds’ like she has an open mind about what can be done. I wouldn’t trust any naturopath who would lay out a complete list of tests, etc. with which they intended to start. That’s what I call “money up front” meaning before they even do anything at all you’ve got to pay them a load, and I definitely agree with her plan to use a questionnaire to find out exactly what some of your problems are before starting an arsenal of tests. Plus it sounds like she knows more than most professionals do about Candida by admitting that it’s a lengthy process.

I also agree with her as far as chelation is concerned. It is indeed possible for the correction of nutritional imbalances to promote natural chelation which is another thing the strict diet is capable of doing in many cases (not all, but many). This is why I believe chelation should always be a last-resort effort for a huge majority of people affected by a Candida overgrowth.

Much good luck to you in whatever decision you make.