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Yeah, I am not really encouraging fruit; I am just saying that I had a hard time at the beginning of the year. It has gotten easier now because I can cook a little bit quicker, and I have developed what I like the most. Plus, I found I can handle oat, millet, and buckwheat flour. I bought some teff flour the other day, have to experiment with that a bit to see if I can handle it.

Really, the only type of fruit I can eat and be fine, if feeling okay, is a small amount of berries in the morning because they are lower sugar. However, this past week, I have pretty much followed the diet to a T. My intestines still rumble a lot, and it is hard, but I still hoping and feeling that I will get there. Also, I am making sure to take my milk thistle and molybdenum because I have been getting headaches. I have been moving around okay lately, just lots of headaches, plus this change of season is starting allergies for me.

Good luck again, and I am hoping for some good type of routine better from raster’s naturopath. My phone consult is this next Thursday. I just feel I really need a good expert to work on my case with gastoparesis and no colon. The integrative doctor I met last year was great (she mainly works with woman, but wanted to try to help me), but I still need more guidance. Hang in there JoJo.