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Jo*Jo;42314 wrote: I emailed my story to a few local naturopaths along with some questions. I dont know if I scared them off with my questions but I read their websites and the one I liked the most was the only one who responded.

I went through the College of Naturopathic Medicine Uk and she has been practicing for nearly 20 years. She has made no promises that she’ll be able to cure me but she says she’ll try me on protocol individual to me. She sent me a very comprehensive health questionnaire and a 7 day food diary which I completed and returned.

I asked 4 questions and these are her answers:

Have you successfully treated anyone with candida before? – I have in the past and am currently treating people with candida; it is a lengthy process.

Would you do testing for candida and related ailments? – I test when appropriate

Have you successfully treated anyone with level 4 cancers or tumours? – Non-medically trained practitioners are not permitted, by law, to treat cancer; we can offer nutritional support

Are you familiar with chelation agents, particularly ALA and Glucosothione? – Rectifying nutritional imbalances enables the body to detoxify at its own pace; using chelating agents specifically to detox heavy metals etc needs to be used with extreme care and I have not used these agents specifically for chelation.

When I spoke to her on the phone she said she would probably want to do a urine test that would test for these things along with others: nutrient status, gut function and ratios of minerals.

Able, Raster and others.. what do you think?

it’s a Tragedy for me.. thanks for sharing your Experience about Naturopath !