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Ok well I saw her today and I’d be interested to see what you think. I have to say that I liked her but I’m not sure about the foods she said i can try: Sweet potato, carrots, game, venison, any berries but not blueberries, cantaloupe melon, kiwis, pineapple and grapefruit. I’ve tried pineapple this evening and its been ok so far. She’s going to send me some meal plans for ideas and i’m looking forward to those because i’ve definitely become stuck in a rut.

She said I’d made a “valiant, courageous and determined” effort with my diet over the past year but agreed that I needed some help with a more individual approach.

She says I definitely have a candida overgrowth, with compromised immunity along with probable Leaky Gut syndrome.. all which result in the food intolerences, yeast infections, hair loss and joint issues. The reasons for this will most likely be that
– i dont chew my food (so i’m not getting enough nutrients)
– i wasnt breast fed
– all the antibiotics i had up until about 2004 (probably about 1 dose each year for 5 years)
– poor diet of junk food and cola addiction etc

My body will decide what it wants to heal first so theres no way of telling which thing i’ll see an improvement in first although really at the moment all i want to improve is what i can tolerate.

I need to order probiotics called Infantis that contain nutrients from breast milk. I should have them for 3 months and then move onto Biocare Bio Acidophilus Forte. I should also reduce my vit c intake from 4000mg to 2000mg.

I also need to reduce the amount of buckwheat I eat because I was eating loads of it in different forms every day. I was a bit panicked because I rely on it, particularly the crispbreads as snacks as I miss something crunchy. She said that if I keep having so much I’ll end up intolerant to that too which is what i’ve read on these forums. Instead I can have coconut flour and try other gluten free grains like rice flour, chickpea flour etc. She doesnt guarantee that i’ll be able to tolerate them and i know this goes against the strict diet on here. I’m willing to try though but trying rice flour will probably be last on my list. Veg smoothies are good and i should have these for breakfast.

She spent a lot of time explaining the importance of chewing my food so i have to aim to do this for at least one whole meal a day at this stage.

Tests: She wants to see the results from my coeliac test and all the tests i ever had for my hair loss. I need to do a temperature test myself every day for a week which tests for thyroid issues and this way is apparently much more reliable than a blood test. She’s going to let me know of some other tests that she advises I have done – Intestinal Permeability which will confirm Leaky Gut and a saliva test which shows the full state of my immune system. Theres also one that will cover the state of “everything” apparently and thats very expensive so she’s going to be sure I need this before letting me know. I agree with some testing and see them as an investment so i dont have this coming back to bite me on the ass in future.

She also said to keep up with the cod liver oil, milk thistle, bitters, EPO and add a multi vitamin instead of the magnesium, calcium, zinc and biotin separately.

I’m feeling hopeful but cautious and I know i need to try these things slowly. I doubt i’ll even have tried everything by the time i see her next month.