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I agree with some of the things she mentioned. The human derived probiotic should be interesting, haven’t heard of this one brand yet. The buckwheat or any food item you eat in large amounts can be problematic because the candida will then adapt to this food source and you can potentially become allergic to it like she mentioned.

I am unsure whether the tests are worth it not but its up to you. I haven’t really taken any tests and got better without them but we are all different…

The multivitamin one could be problematic but give it a go. I am surprised she recommended this because she could prescribe a bunch of individual supplements instead of a multivitamin, so this would go against her potential goal of making money. My naturopath feels the best mineral source is from plants which use minerals to grow and so I am personally considering not using the cheap mineral supplements.

The fruit one is more controversial. I haven’t heard of many who get better with fruit consumption but I don’t spend a lot of time going to candida forum’s (just this one) so I have no idea. Basically half or more of the doctors who treat candida suggest fruit (including dr. mcoombs), so its definitely something that isn’t out of the ordinary from my perspective. In comparison, my naturopath says you can have it but in moderation.

However certain fruits are problematic more than others and pineapple and canteloupe are two fruits that should cause concern. Both are high in mold content; in order to get pineapple it has to ship across the world from somewhere like hawaii and in this process it molds. Same with canteloupe. If you can go to hawaii and eat fresh pineapple, I say go for it, but otherwise it I would be wary of it. Canteloupe has a similar life history but is less of a problem in my opinion.

Last summer I experimented with a high fruit diet for a month and the first 3 weeks I felt better but by the 4th week, I felt worse and was getting reactions to it. The fresh stuff in hawaii wasn’t a major problem for me but eating the old stuff back here was more of a problem.

I haven’t experimented with high doses of vitamin C but in my opinion you had a high dose. Another forum member mentioned how this caused her teeth to go bad so this is one thing I would be concerned about.