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I really hesitate to post this, but since this was my post in the first place I will. I am here solely due to the fact that I have been seriously ill for seven years due to a parasite and now candida. My son almost died from the parastie also. I have no wish to engage in bickering. I wish everyone on this forum a return to optimal health, and I want to assist that wherever I can, and to gain information and some kind of kindred experience with fellow sufferers while doing so.

I don’t find the tone of the last post of yours, and several others, to be kind or necessary. That kind of competetive response and sniping doesn’t help people with immune related issues, and to me, is just negative energy. It’s wonderful when there are people who are highly experienced in a topic who are willing to lend their knowledge and time to others,and I do appreciate it. I just would hope that civility and kindness could be extended even while disagreeing, instead of reacting with a negative and competetive spirit, (as many Doctors do) when they feel challenged.

Frankly, much of what we discuss on this forum is on the wide fringe of medically proven/accepted practice, including the diet and supplements, and even the entire concept of candida infestation! We alll know differently obviously. We of all people should strive to be tolerant of all opinions and open to all ideas towards a cure. I know I don’t want to spend precious time that could be spent towards healing myself engaging in bickering with people, so this will be my last post on this topic, but I felt i needed to say it. Extra care is required in online posting, as it’s far too easy to be rude and abrupt when not talking in person. Just my 2 cents. Lynda