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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

You could be experiencing die-off symptoms from the diet which sometimes causes itchiness, or it’s possible I suppose that it could come from Candida symptoms brought on by the foods you named. It’s easier to follow a diet of what you should be eating rather than keeping up with the list of what you should not eat. Simply try to stick with organic vegetables, organic eggs, and a small amount of fish or chicken if you need extra protein. Stay away from everything else, literally. Use either coconut oil or olive oil for salads and cooking. Purchase some pure Himalayan sea salt; you will know the authentic type as it will be a pinkish color. Other salts contain either chemicals or Dextrose (sugar). Check your toothpaste for sugar alcohols which most brands contain, this will feed the Candida the same as regular sugar will. Avoid red meat completely.

Be sure to read the “Dangers of die-off” post on the forum for information concerning that.

Good luck, Able