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Back in 08 I got it and the doc gave me nystatyn ointment and zinc oxide. Told me to put the zinc oxide over the nystatyn ointment. That worked then but not this time in 2012. This time I got the nystatyn cream and it didn’t work. It was getting pretty raw. Cortizone did nothing. I finally tried of all things neosporin ointment. It worked great. Today I discovered hydrogen peroxide wipes at the grocery store and plan to use then to wipe with. I slightly insert the ointment. Funny thing. Where I am one of those guys that always uses a half roll of toilet paper to wipe, since applying the ointment, It gets done with one or two wet wipes. I guess it helps things move right along. I think maybe the neosporin ointment has something in it fungus dosn’t like.

I hope this helps.