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Hi love47,

I have had an itchy anus for the last 22 years or so (i first noticed it when i was 14), also caused by a chronic candida infection. The reason the drugs that your Dr prescribed don’t work is because they are unable to affect the form of candida that we all have. Unfortunately candida under certain circumstances forms a fungal biofilm, which permanently adheres to the intestinal lining (unless you use some sort of agent to strip it). Diflucan, nystatin and most other pharmaceuticals are ineffective against biofilms, as many studies have shown.

People that have this biofilm expel some sort of slime/mucus that is either part of the biofilm itself or a waste product that makes its way down the small and large intestine and causes sever itching around the perianal skin.

A gastroenterologist I saw last year said that he thought the slime was mucus produced by my body to defend against some sort of infection (he didnt believe in candida) and that this mucus is alkaline and therefore irritates the anus as the perianal skin has an acidic pH of about 5 or 6 and would react to any alkaline substance coming into contact with it.

This actually fits with the whole idea that candida causes the itching however, as a study has shown that the benign yeast(planktonic) form of candida becomes fungal by creating a highly alkaline environment through the production of ammonia. So the itching is really just a symptom of the candida having created its preferred environment (an alkaline fungal biofilm).

If you think about it the only way it could create such an alkaline environment would be if the acid forming bacteria were no longer there to maintain the acidic pH of the intestines and keep the candida in its more benign yeast form. This is possible through the use of antibiotics. The yeast has a window of opportunity to become fungal and then once this happens it spreads like wildfire, making more and more of the intestines alkaline as it goes.

ACV enemas can help to some extent in that they create a break in the constant stream of itchy slime making its way down to the anus, however they arent a cure as the biofilm is most likely also in the small intestine and therefore cant be reached by an enema. The ACV will also allow you to have a good look at what is causing the itching.

Anyway sorry for the long post. Let me know if you’d like a list of the antibiofilm herbs I use. They seem to be working, but the longer you’ve had it the longer it takes. Love47, if you’ve only had this since last year it prob wouldnt take too long.