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benc;31831 wrote: My question is, could I consider dropping them out, or tapering them down to see if my skin improves?
Or is this a sign that perhaps i’ve done something to grow some more Candida in my gut & its die off?

I drink between 300-600ml of kefir per day (either from Raw Goats Milk, or Organic Pasteurised Milk). I also take Dr Mercola’s probiotic (10 x strains & 70billion CFU).

The itchiness is more than likely a die-off reaction instead of a worsening of your Candida, especially if you’re not eating any foods that will feed them. You’re receiving a lot of antifungal activity with the swede, Brussles sprouts, coconut oil, kefir and probiotic, so you could easily drop the others.