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raster;31839 wrote: I agree. You should reduce your antifungals to 3 if possible; I would choose just the SF722, black walnut, and garlic (these are my 3 currently). I have not had itchiness for about a year but it did persist for a longer period of time than I anticipated.

I would look at the digestive enzymes I use as an alternative, it’s called pro-gest. You don’t need to take digestive enzymes and swedish bitters at the same time, just one or the other because they have the same effect.

I would look at taking a few more things that have been a major part of my recovery. It includes fermented cod liver oil (reduced inflammation) and L-glutamine (heals leaky gut and promotes digestion). How’s your leaky gut doing?


Thanks Raster.

I am taking 3 x anti fungals (6 x SF722 p/day, 3 x black walnut p/day in pill form. I was taking garlic, coconut oil in food every day but now just coconut oil). I’m going to cut the pills for a week or so & see if my skin calms down. My hands have really flared up & it makes cutting veg or opening bottles a pain.

I am also taking fish oil (not fermented cod liver oil though as its hard to find in the UK) & anything between 5-15g of glutamine per day. I also take acetyl l-carnitine in the morning & BCAA’s when I train.

How do you tell how your leaky gut is going?

My symptoms that I still have are:

-Itchyness on face, neck & palm (sometimes chest)
-Fatigue (although much reduced & often only notice it if I’m really bored)
-The odd heacache
-Noticeable desiccated coconut in stool.

Otherwise i’m feel pretty good.