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Lucylu wrote: This one is specifically for Thomas…

Hi Thomas!

You’ve mentioned a few times that one of your main syptoms in a chronic itchiness? It seems to be my main die off symptom and the first indicator that my body doesn’t like something.

Just wondering… do you have access to a sauna/ steamroom or even a very hot bath (that makes you sweat)? I find that the days I get to the sauna or have time for a hot bath that my itch is perfectlty manageable, and can go completely. If I go 2 days without either, it becomes unbearable and I wake in the night tearing at my legs and hands. I stay in the sauna for an hour (with breaks obviously) and really sweat it out.

Just thought I’d mention it to you.

I’m glad things are progressing for you.



Hi Lucy,
thank you for your note and your concern. Yes, you where right. I had for many many years problems with the skin around my anus. Sometimes the itching was unbearable and woke me up in the night. Then I had a sensitive skin around the eyelids, they too felt itchy and sticky. Now since I am on the died the skin around the anus is healing, and feels like the skin of a baby. Before it was terrible broken and scarred. The diet here on the forum is doing wonders.

Then its going in waves with me, at times I feel real great and then I feel it coming and a little itching or pain in the stomach, or dizzyness but all in all there is a very strong tendency to the better.

I go to sauna once a week and yes it feels great, it cost quite a bit so I am allowing this myself only as a treat once a week.

I hope you are doing fine and your are healing!