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Able900 wrote:

thanks for all Able, you are a real blessing, you cant imagen how much you helped me already. Feel tons better than ten days ago.

Hello, Thomas, I think I covered the issues you mentioned in this post in an earlier post I sent this morning.

It’s great for us to hear that you’re feeling a little better than you were ten days ago. It helps us to gage our responses to posters as we’re not always certain of our suggestions as every person is different, and often will need different degrees as far as the types of treatments. This information was really helpful to us. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery from the ‘beast’ we call Candida albicans.

Able its easy to cry for help when in need but one forgets to thank and help others when one is feeling well again. I hope I remember to help others when I am ok again and not drift off in the unknown spaces of the internet.

To even give you are clearer picture, how you and raster helped me I liked to say some words more. I was following a candida diet from the internet which focused mainly on fats and protein. So I was eating a lot of meat. My body collapsed as you know and I wrote about. Then I was sure my misery had to do with the fact that I was lacking sugar and broke the old diet in a extreme way eating everything again only not to suffer these terrible symptoms I got from the meat diet.

You said, that I am not suffering from sugar loss and you where right. You too said I should not eat so much meat and you where right with this too. I am following now your diet here on the forum for a week and the panic attacks are gone and the terrible vibrating has only come very minor back last week for some hours. I am looking forward to see them gone too. I had for years pain in the stomach like a little burning sensation or like someone pressing a thump into my stomach just under the navel. This is totally gone now. For 3 days I am pain free with the stomach. For two days now I don’t have this dizziness I had for a very long time.

I am very positive and I hope that if I would get all the stuff you get your hands on in the states I would heal much faster. But at least we have tons of Swedes here the famous kålrot!!! 😉

Thank you Able and Raster for making this Forum live, informative and fun to visit.