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Able900 wrote: Hello, Thomas.

With a Candida albicans infestation, the infestation often causes the entire gastrointestinal tract to be inflamed, this includes the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, small intestine, and appendix as well as the large intestine or colon. During the infestation inflammation often occurs in any of one these areas or more, and it’s also possible that pain is experienced in one of these parts when the actual source of inflammation is happening in another area of the body; this is the way of the human body. What I’m saying is that it’s perfectly normal to experience pains in these areas of your body.

The dizziness and achiness or pain in your muscles can be caused by die-off toxins of the dying Candida. Are you taking molybdenum yet?


Thank you Able,
I get very little molybdenum through my multivitamin.

I ordered molybdenum last week and wait that the shop will call me. The biggest problem I face here in Sweden is to get a powerful probiotic. I have to try to order it from the states but I am afraid they will take it away from me on the customs. They open all parcels from amazon. Lets see how I solve that. I was eating kefir and yogurt, my stomach loves it but I got inflammation in the bones and in the thigh muscles, itching anus and a all poisonous feeling in my body. Its sad as I love the kefir and yoghurt. Dont know how to solve that merry go round off symptoms.

thanks for all Able, you are a real blessing, you cant imagen how much you helped me already. Feel tons better than ten days ago.