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Thomas wrote: PS. I forgot something: I am not sure but I have the feeling that the Swedish bitters are doing me good. As I cant get them here without alcohol I bought only the herbs and make myself a bitter tasting tea from it. I get that one down, and it feels good in the stomach. (Here the question to Able)
Able do you think that’s a good idea that I make myself a tea from the Swedish bitter herbs?

Thomas, the tea is a perfect idea. I wrote on another of your posts that you should put half a dropper full on the tongue, but this was with the pure liquid grape bitters. But with the tea, of course you can just drink it up enjoying the taste.

PS: If you’re adding any sweetener at all to the tea, you may not benefit completely from the bitter taste on the tongue which is where the real benefit comes into play with the bitter receptors on the back of the tongue.