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ldewild wrote: I got some Candi-Gone from the store and started the cleanse this past weekend. The box I got will last me 2 weeks. The guy I spoke with at the store (Whole Foods) seemed to know a heckuva lot about candida and cleansing. I searched a lot of sites trying to figure things out.
Now, yogurt. It’s a great source of probiotics but it looks like I’m not allowed to eat any while I’m cleansing? I usually get the plain (no sugar) goat milk yogurt and would love to start eating it again. In the past, I sweetened it with honey but I know that’s a no-no. That guy at Whole Foods told me about Stevia, which I bought in the liquid form as a sweetener. I figure I could put a few drops in my yogurt to sweeten it up. (I’m not really a sweet tooth but I like just a touch.)
Any reason why I shouldn’t start eating my yogurt right now?

Yogurt is essentially an animal product; all animal products contain toxins as well as the possibility of hormones and antibiotics which may have been passed by the animal into the milk used to make the yogurt. The goal of any cleanse or detox is to remove toxins from the body and to prevent toxins from entering the body at the saem time, otherwise, it’s not a cleanse at all; this is why fresh vegetables or fresh vegetable juice and water and lemon water are basically the only things that should be ingested during a cleansing period.

Idlewild, if you’re speaking of commercial yogurt, it’s advised to wait at least a few weeks after starting the cleanse before adding it to your diet; this is to give the treatment a chance to get started correctly.

Did you look at the ingredients listed on the liquid Stevia container?