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Ooh! This is exactly what i wanted to discuss! Okay i am going to give you my current conditions and then relay my day to you and see what you guys can come up with to explain this nonsense!

So currently i have been confined to my room by my roommates who are appauled by the smell of my farts. I speak no lies, they smell exactly like rotten eggs. Eww. I am bloated to the max, and when i get up and walk around there is literally rumbling gas in my stomach. Rather odd. My stool, which i am thankful for actually presentiNg itself (was constipated for some time) is totally unconformed. Looks like a bunch of super dry particles, that got sporadically soaking wet and came out..kind of greyish green. Sorry for the graphic nature… ( a little disconcerting that i don’t see the stringy plasma like candida strains that i am supposed to)

This all started at 5pm today when i had a large bowl of goat yogurt. It has become popular recently and so harder to get ahold of, and so i had not had it in around 5 or 6 days. I had a bowl, sat around talking and within like 20 mins started feeling very sick right up in my throat. You know that kind of aick where you just want to barf? My belly literally balloooned, to the point where it hurt to sit so i lay down for a bit. Then i said fuck it! This needs to come out! So i overdosed on vitamin c, and the rest is history.

It is really awesome to finally have this stuffleaving my body, as for some time i have just felt tired beyond belief, and like my body was being attacked from all angles.

Now the question: is this a result of the yogurt being bad, and me reacting? Or is this a result of the yogurt crowding out those nasty candida bastards and causing the gas build up?

Background: on week 7 of stage 2 diet, skipped cleanse entirely. (got through easter too..go me!). Recently added garlic capsules to my regimen after a week hiatus from garlic raw due to it literally leaking from my pores haha. Stopped drinking my nasty ass fiber drink a week ago, and dreading the restart. Take 3x caprillic acid capsules and 1x olive leaf extract capsules a day. Take as much molybdenum as i think i should, which is usually around four 250mcg tabs a day. Pop vitamin c ad nauseum.

Special to today: had a large portion of coconut bread followed by a run and directly after the run had the yogurt..

Complicated i know…but please help!!!