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Hello Golfer,

I personally don’t think you need to take so many antifungals. I would rotate through some of them and only have 3 maximum at a time.

For instance stick with tea tree oil, oregano oil, and pau d’arco for 4-6 weeks and then rotate to garlic, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract. There is no reason to take this many antifungals all at once, you won’t get better faster taking this many of them.

I’d also consider getting a zinc-magnesium-calcium all in one pill that has 100% DV and this will reduce the amount of vitamins you take. If you want a great source of vitamins A and D; I would consider fermented cod liver oil as an alternative which has natural ratios of vitamins A and D. No one knows for sure what ratio you should take these vitamins at.

Eventually you can rotate to pretty much 3 antifungals for long time of your treatment; SF722, black walnut extract, and garlic are great long term antifungals from my experience. Rotate in some oregano oil or something else once in awhile if you wanted…

I don’t know what all of these do and feel that the psyllium is unnecessary. It can cause internal bleeding and isn’t really that beneficial to fighting candida in my opinion. Cranberry extract should only be taken if you have UTI’s or burning while urinating.

I don’t know what these do and never had them on my treatment:
Siberian Ginseng
St Johns Wort
Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)
N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)
Liquid myrrh

Where’s the cod liver oil!?