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Thanks for your responses.

I’ve been taking sauerkraut, kim chi and raw goat milk kefir as probiotics for a month or so. Hasn’t seemed to have made any impact. I’ve been focusing more on prebiotics in recent weeks – lots of greens, onions, yucca root, rice bran, oat bran. Maybe I’m being impatient and need to keep it up for a few months before expecting results.

My digestion isn’t terrible but not as good as it should be. I have constant bloating and struggle to put on weight. Bowel movements are usually regular and reasonably formed on a “normal” diet, although on this diet I’m going once every two days which isn’t great. Fruits and raw honey seem to work best for my digestion but I’m assuming I can’t have those. Also I never experience any die off when I eat fruits so I’m assuming the sugar is keeping the candida alive, although I do seem to digest my foods better with fruits and honey.

Earlier today I took some crushed raw garlic in some green soup and felt extremely weak afterwards, and my bloating was worse than normal. I have no idea if this is die off or the garlic disagrees with me. Raw garlic seems to produce immediate nausea and weakness, although it’s not as bad now as it used to be, which suggests it might be killing something in my body that shouldn’t be there. Coconut oil in large quantities does the same (but only when I eat nothing else, or mixed in with greek yogurt). Fasting on coconut oil and small amounts of fage yogurt seems to cause massive die off (and a yeasty looking stool, but not sure if this is actually candida), but I can never do it longer than 1 day as I feel so awful. If I didn’t have candida I assume the coconut oil/garlic wouldn’t have this effect?

I think I’m going to stick to Able’s protocol for 3 months and see what happens. Maybe the bloating is just die off and will eventually clear up? Should I be concerned that I never pass candida unless I’m fasting on coconut oil?

Also, can anyone advise whether I can have rice bran and oat bran in the first 14 days of the protocol? I don’t feel like it causes a reaction in me (then again, nothing does) and I’m getting bored of eggs and green vegetables. Also I need more calories as I’m losing weight I can’t afford to lose!

Thanks again.